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VOIP products and solutions from an award winning International Telecom services provider.


Wholesale Voice Solution

we offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions inclusive of Wholesale VoIP Termination Services and market proven Wholesale Voice Services that drive increased satisfaction for your customers. We leverage our network and extensive experience in the telecommunications industry to deliver a service to our customers that is second to none.


Retail Voice Solution

OneWave Networks is spending most of its efforts on building refined voice traffic through different retail product offerings. Our target market is emigrant population living abroad and looking for affordable rates to connect to their families in their home countries.Choose your Routing Plan under one account with our unique OneWave Networks MIX offer.


Calling card Solution

We offer a prepaid calling card and prepaid phone card solution with the lowest rates for long distance calls worldwide. Stay connected with friends and family anywhere, with great features such as Pinless Dialing, Speed Dial, Local & Toll-Free Numbers, and easy online account management.

our services

OneWave Networks Provinding Voice services since 2009. Our service aims to rapidly increase international mobile coverage and usage, generating new revenue streams for mobile operators while minimizing costs for service set up and management

OneWave Networks Wholesale VoIP Termination you are in control of your costs. Choose your Routing Plan or mix all plans under one account with our unique OneWave Networks MIX offer.Our routing plans include Premium+, Premium and Standard options.

You can tailor our Virtual Calling Cards to your particular needs. Tie them up to your existing phone number (Caller ID) for a Pinless option. Or combine with our CallBack service to create your own virtual VoIP calling while on the move.

Carrier Switch Partitioning service you can give your clients an instant access to all VoIP features by simply renting our cloud-based PortaSwitch Partition. Suitable for any type of VoIP service providers – from a small calling shop owners to a large telecom companies.

OneWave Networks can seamlessly connect it to Internet telephony service provider (ITSP) so you can make local and long-distance VOIP calls. Save up-to 80% of your phone bills and enjoy high quality communications over your existing corporate phone system.

our team

I had usually found consultants to be good at repeating what I already knew! Chris was a revelation in that respect, he listened, observed and then provided insights that really helped drive the business forward. Chris worked with an enthusiasm that created real energy in the project that was largely responsible for the fantastic improvements we delivered. This included a save rate improvement of 50% and contribution to a retained revenue figure of over $60 million.


Chris Denley

Managing Director,

Chris Denley loves to take complex technology and translate it into products and services that create value for customers the world over.which revolutionized worldwide container tracking and security—the World Economic Forum named him one of 2005’s top 40 “Technology Pioneers” in the world


Alex Robinson

Chief Technical officer

Alex Robinson is a super-ninja when it comes to global networks and DevOps. He leads OneWave Networks, data center, and security operations, enabling enterprise-grade service delivery to be a key differentiation for the company.He holds specialization in networking software and security of more than 15 years.


Maria DeLorenzo

Chief Finanacial officer

Maria DeLorenzo brings extensive experience successfully implementing transformative go-to-market strategies for technology companies to create new categories in hyper-growth markets. Baraba most recently served as Chief Product and Marketing Officer, a leader in Software as a Service clinical intelligence solutions.

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